Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are you still designing?

Yeah, sometimes. But lately I really have no mood to draw at all. Cos I am so busy with my sewing monster and also the time spent on designing is really too long for one project and I need to do so many research for it and still people think "not from template wan ah?"

Anyway, I am still doing it realllllllyyy sloowwwwwwly. Only when I am taking a break from sewing then I will stare at my Mac and draw. Recently I have finished 2 projects. First, was a brochure for My Cheeky Boo.

Bonnie's a great customer to work with and purple is one of my fav colour. So its much easier for me to work on her brochure. Check out her site now cos she is having some same going on there!

The next one was the follow up from my Poot Poot Car Header. Shir Lin finally found the pic that she like and send it over to me. My duty was to basically chop the head, crop it nicely and animate it. Voila!


Shir Lin is also a great customer to work with and since it's my as-it-is header, It's much easier to work with :)

Thanks y'all for your support and your trust in my work. But I think I should take a break from designing and wait until Mr.Lingkum (inspiration) to come along then I'll zap my mouse out and start drawing again :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I have been doing lately

Been sewing like mad to fulfill orders.....

very tiring, eyes very blur,


but loving every moment of it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Mum's way to cook porridge using rice cooker

My Part Time maid come every wednesday. By 1 hour time after she leave my house, the upper living room already look like tornado came and left. The next day, all the rooms also will be messy. And 3rd day the living room downstairs and the kitchen is all messy. How come I never clean eh ? I clean Fridays and also on Mondays. Fridays is not that bad but Monday is disaster day. Cos I have 3 guys to mess the entire house during weekend O.O

So most of the time, I won't be on on Mondays. I'll be busy from 7.15 am until 2pm. By then I gotto catch up on my work.

I still cook lunch for my kids and  Mondays are usually porridge day cos I cook it this way.
I double boil my porridge together with their snack in the rice cooker. Why double boil?
1: my rice cooker doesn't have the cook porridge function
2. the water will boil and it flows out and its everywhere. Porridge water is very hard to clean....
3. the cover will be filled with the rice and its very hard to clean
4. I'm lazy to wait for it to boil and then open the cover for the porridge to cook.

So how to cook the porridge using a rice cooker?
step 1: You place whatever ingredient you want in your porridge (mine is the peanut, corn and siu yoke porridge) into a big bowl
step 2: you add rice with enough water to cook porridge
Tips: you can even use left over rice to cook porridge. My aunt who live in NZ told me she used to freeze left over rice and then use it to cook porridge.
step 3: add salt or leave it bland for lil babies
step4: fill yr rice cooker with some water. How much water? double of your "water level for cooking rice"
Step 5: cover and go n do your own stuff. The rice cooker will set to warm mode once the water is gone. By then your porridge is done.

There, this is how a busy lazy mum's way to cook porridge.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Doctor Doctor...

Yenjai is our family doctor. So when I said "okay let's go see doctor" the kids will shout "Dr Yong! We're coming!"

So the other day while we're in the shop, Jayden said "Mami, I want to buy this. I want to be Dr Yong". Wuah the mom dreaming edi.. if my son is doctor... how nice leh.. Buy buy buy!!!

He love the doctor set..

And the little one follow suit..

Wuah abit worried if he is a doctor checking on me . haha

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Other day...
Big C: Titi.. who is this? *pointing at himself in our wedding picture*
JT: this...dadi.
Big C: This one leh? *pointed at my picture*
JT: this ....Aunty
Me: *screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*
Big C: muahahhaha nah nah.. i never say anything wan ah.

Big C 1: Sasha 0

Last Night...
Jasmine: Jayden who is this? *point at BigC's Honeymoon pic in Bali*
Jayden: Dadi!
Jasmine: this one leh? *point at my honeymoon pic*
Jayden: Mami!
Jasmine: Where is Jayden and Justin?
Jayden: In dadi stomach. He wear the t-shirt big big then he vomit and Jayden and Justin fall out from the T-Shirt.
Me: Muahhahahahhahahahaha He say your stomach big and got baby inside ler!
Big C: Bleargh! *continue to watch football*

Big C 1: Sasha 1

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...of them talking...

In the car...
JD: Justin you must put yr seat belt. If not the Police will come and catch you.
JT: *scream sarcastically*
JD & JT: Muahahahhahahaha
Cos the mom always scare them like that... and they're trying to imitate her O_o

In the car with neighbour...
JT: Dotty (Dorothy) put seatbelt!
D: ah? what he say ah ?
Me: He asked you to put on your seatbelt lo..
D: ah? okay okay boss!

At home:
JT: I doe wan shoe! I doe wan Shoe! (insist wanna put on another pair of shoe)
JD: justin...don't be choosy! Just wear the shoes okay? *roll eyes and walk off*
Me: O_o *thinking: why sound so familar wan?*

In the car last night...
Jasmine: Jayden you wanna eat ice cream?
JD: *shake head*
Jasmine: You wanna eat slurpee?
JD: *shake Head* I cannot eat because Justin is coughing.
Jasmine: mai mai.. why Justin cough Jayden cannot eat?
Me: cos.. if he is eating cold things and justin cannot eat, then Justin will cry la.
JD: when Justin is feeling better then we all eat ice cream together....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

must remember to....

Okay some of you guys wondered how the heck I manage to design, sew and handle 2 kids at the same time. Let me tell you one thing, I am not trying to be a supermum. I am just a very hyperactive person and also I like to earn my own income, to spend a lil bit of money buying things for my kids and myself without having to think 10 times before I buy something. And also, its not nice to see my bank account decreasing everyday. If you're a sahm without income, you'll know what I am talking about. If i cannot make it go up, why not i maintain it. Right? Sewing and Designing doesn't give me much, it just provide enuff for me to spend each month and trust me.. i spend very little. :~(

Nowadays I only login when my kids are asleep. If you see me online early means I have something urgent to rush or simply the Mac is on but the "human" is somewhere else. When they are awake I quickly do my laundry, cleaning and cooking. And yes, I have a part time maid that comes every wednesday. But as soon as she leave, the 2 is starting to mess up the house again. When they are sleeping, I will be in front of my mac googling for ideas for both my sewing and also my designing. When I am stucked at my design, I go sew. That is how I manage my work. So its all accumulated work, everyday abit abit abit.

Sometimes I prepare simple and fast meal. Spaghetti, Porridge, Stew and most impt for my kids - SOUP. So here is one of the recipe i did last night. Very nice.....the chicken is very soft and suitable for kids.

Yesterday was one of my smooth sailing day. The laundry all done, the Soup being cooked very early, Lunch prepared, Dinner also prepared very early. Kids nap very long time (YAY) and i managed to do some designing. So by the time its was for dinner, I so eksyen said "Okay.. stop playing now! Come Sek Farn (eat rice)", and the kids dropped the toys and ran to the kitchen. Then i said "Okay go and play your toys again! I forgot to press the cook button at the rice cooker :P" My boys were shivering in hunger "mami i want eat yice...." the small one said. The big one "Mami..please i am Hungry!". "Hehe no rice ah... mami forgot to press cook button. Sorry ah.. wait okay?" And by the time the dinner was served, either my cooking is super nice or... they are just too hungry. Hehe

I know, I know.. must remember to press the COOK button ma..

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mami can you sew this?

Remember I sew an Elmo Pillow for Jayden when he was about 1 yr plus?

Still with his pacifier then...

Well, he's been using it since then and trust me.. they have a reason why they call it ChauChau Or Busuk (smelly). We've been washing it and as long as he can touch the sewing on the elmo is fine. So one day while playing with titi, titi accidently tore the pillow.

So I thought hey, he only wants to touch the sewing, why not sew one more for him?

So while he's away in school I have been snipping and sewing it with someone constantly disturbing me.

And when I gave it to him, he said "Where is MY elmo Pillow? The YELLOW one". So i bluffed him and said "Oh Spoil edi. So i throw it away". And he cried and refused to even touch the blue one. He even protested and refused to sleep on the bed during nap time. I found him sleeping on the sofa. *shake head*

So how? I sew the torn areas back for him and his elmo pillow look like frankenstein pillow with stiches here and there. But he love it. What to do ? I asked him "So next time when you go dating with Paris, you will bring this pillow for her to smell?" He said Y-E-S!

So what happened to the blue elmo pillow?

Yeah, anything that you don't want, pass it to the smaller one. hehe (so bad!)

So One day.. Jayden came to me and said "Mami can you sew this?" I turned around and i laughed out loud.

His torn underwear!

Jayden Jayden.. your mami can sew but she cannot make magic. How to sew the torn undie, samo so big hole leh?