Friday, January 29, 2010

and the food go to the bum bum?

I drew this the other day....nice?

He is getting chattier each day and getting more matured daily. The other day he was not feeling well, been vomiting and having diarrhea. So after eating I told him:

Me: Jayden you just ate okay. So you better sit down and not move so much.
Jayden: Don't move.... Then the food goes to bum bum?
Me: err yeah. Wait for the food to go to the bum then only you move.

and he sat down .. hehe waiting for his food to go to his bum. Cos his teacher taught him about how the food travel from the mouth and ends with the poopoo coming out from the bum. He totally deleted the middle portion and only remembers the beginning and the ending.haha


That day while eating his fav food -- Bak Kut Teh. He was smiling ear to ear the moment we walked into the shop. Boy... he can eat 2 big bowls of rice (adult portion) if its Bak Kut Teh.He ate so fast, we got to ask him to slow down. If only he gobble everything like how he eats his bak kut teh..

Me: Jayden slow down. Chew your food.
Jayden: *laughing and eating*
Big C: eat slowly...
Jayden: *laugh and eat*
Me: Okay now full edi. Don't run around. Sit down if not you will vomit.
Jayden:Mami dear...The rice will go to the kukubird and the bak kut teh will go to the bum bum.
Me: Hah? hahha terbalik la you. The bak kut teh soup will go to your kukubird and the rice and pork will go to your bum bum.
Jayden: Oh!

And he sat down.. waiting for his fav food to travel to the bum.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sasha Sew: Cupcake Bag

Mom2Ashley&Aidan msged me and told me that she need a bag for her daughter. Immediately I remembered the cupcake fabric I asked Mott to help me buy from Australia. And I sent a another fabric pic for her to choose.

And her daughter chose the lil cuppies with pink lining. Mom2Ashley&Aidan gave me the measurement and I began to draw the measurement and how it might look like after I have finished sewing.

And here is the final product.(She also posted it in her shopping blog here)

The lil pocket that she requested. She is so brilliant, she asked for this pocket so she can use the bag in both ways. Reversible!

And I slot in some surprise supposedly for the mom. But I got the wrong measurement! So lil missy is extremely happy now cos even her toy handphone has a cupcake cover!

I just love to create beautiful things like this. Thanks mom2Ashley&Aidan for the chance :)


After I called my customer yesterday, I went down to have my dinner. And then I heard Justin saying:

Hewo? Ah.. aunty..



Titi... baby....

I quickly asked my maid to go and check on him. True enough, he called my customer and chat with him (yeah.. he calls everyone aunty including Jaga-s)

I gotto apologize and he was laughing on the other line. Being a dad of 2 I think he understand this situation.

And then when I put down my fone. I saw this. Aiyooooooo!!!!

I really wanted to cry like this man...

But I didn't have the time. Cos suddenly something remind me "GO CHECK YOUR BAMBOO DRAW BOARD!"

I quickly ran up and Phew.. my new draw board been spared but my keyboard isn't. Aiyoo....

Sigh...Luckily my phone is covered with one layer of plastic screen. Otherwise someone kena spanking until berbunga edi. Can you spank someone that gives you this kinda look?

hehe I can. No one is spared if they are being naughty in my house including the father. (Except the maid.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Name Is Annie

Last time my name was Shanti. Then now I am Annie. Not this leng lui annie. He was referrig to this Annie..

The caption for Annie is : I'm Annie, I'm Kind and Love to Cook.

Muahahhaha! So he think I'm as sweet as Annie. In fact she is very soft spoken and very very kind person. I'm totally opposite- I'm loud but I can be very kind ...sometimes. :)

So since I am Annie, then what about the rest of the family members?

Dadi is Dibo. Muahahhaha Explain to you later.
Justin is Ello. Ello is a naughty elephant that likes to ride on his car.
Jasmine (my niece) is Bunny who Loves to scream and is very vain. Thank god he didn't call me Bunny! I hate this bunny, she is very irritating!
And Jayden is Crow is a crow that is very intelligent and knows it all.

So when Big C found out he was Dibo he was abit disappointed. Cos he thought Jayden was talking about his size. In fact,... true la. He is the tallest and biggest among us. But then there's also other reasons. For example..

He likes to sayang us like this..

And also most important of all..

Dibo brings us gift!

P/s to Big C: So dadi, don't be upset when he call u Dibo ok? Lots of reasons behind it. :)

So now sometimes I am Annie. Sometimes I am Mami. Depends la.. what he wanna say. Abit confusing but then what the heck, just enjoy it.He's not going to be a kid forever right..... Maybe when I nyanyuk edi.. i will call myself Annie. Who knows... hehe

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bye Cha Cha

My ChaCha passed away last sunday while we're in PD. I took her with us and smuggled her into the apartment. Complain? What complain when my dog is paralyzed and hardly got the energy to bark. Maid woke me up at 4ish in the morning and I managed to accompany her till her last breath. We brought her back to PJ and buried her in my parents house. Jayden was sleeping when it happened and hub said better not show her to the kids- worried that they might get upset.

After the burial we went home and hub went to work. Then we drove back to my mums again for dinner. Before we came out, Jayden asked:

JD: Mami? where is cha cha?
Me: B.. Cha Cha die edi.
JD: *put head down and think* No cha cha is upstairs.
Me: No B. Cha Cha died at the beach place (PD).
JD: die?...Where is cha cha now?
Me: Cha Cha at poh poh's house. Just now mami dug a hole and buried her in the ground edi.
JD: *look confused*
Me: errr step 1, mami dig a hole. Step 2, put cha cha in the hole. Step 3, cover the hole and cha cha with soil. (need to explain using his fav method- OSO special way)

So when we reached mums house i brought him to the grave and showed him
Me: B . You see this? Underneath here, mami put cha cha.
JD: Step 1: dig a hole. Step 2, put cha cha inside. Step 3 , cover and die. Cha cha on the ground.
Me: In the ground. That's what happen when someone die. Die means cannot move, cannot eat, cannot play anymore. Cha Cha die because of accident. Something knock her back and she cannot move then she died. So you also must becareful okay?
JD: must be care...ful if not will die.
Me: Now you say bye bye to Cha Cha la..
Jd: Bye Cha Cha..

Monday, January 11, 2010

When I feel Useless

Some ppl bake a cake to feel better. Some go for manicure. Some sleep... for me I go and sew.

Been feeling feeling down. Felt like I'm totally useless. So to pick myself up, I took out my sewing machine and ransacked my cloth container. Found a cloth that Mott helped me to buy from Australia and began to sew and I did this.

Like it?


Reversible mini handbag. Use it during lunch, marketing in mkt or pasar malam.

So now the question is, use it myself or sell it?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fantastic Memory

We went to Jusco OneU last night. As we're driving into the building, Jayden said "Don't want to go missing. Cannot take ice cream. Must hold hand". We're shocked that he even remember the building that he once got lost.

Then we're at he kids dept in Jusco and while going up the escalator, he looked down and said "mami I don't want to go there". Ahhhh the spot thet he went missing last time.

Fantastic memory this fler has!