Friday, October 30, 2009

Another boy?

I think it's because so many ppl asked me "So when are you going to make a baby girl". Each time I hear that, I don't know what to say. Cos somehow I just have this feeling that I won't have daughter(s). Even If i can buy a baby girl off the shelf, I will think 10,000 times. As for now, NO MORE for me. I am happy with both my boys.

Last night I dreamt I was at the concourse of a big shopping mall. And I can hear Big C saying "baby, i have something for you...." And everyone turned and looked at me. I was stoned cos...

1. My hub stopped calling me that in public since..... i forgot when.

2.It's in a concourse of a shopping mall with many many many people.

And 3rd. He on a mic? That really got me stoned.

Then suddenly a baby boy walked down the stage with a tag on his body written "Make Me".

Then big C said "baby if you agree to make one MORE BOY, you carry him and bring him to me la"

Everyone chanted "Make baby.. Make baby.. Make baby"

I was puzzled but i carried the boy and walked towards Big C. I got no idea what I am going to do and then.....

my alarm was on. Tit Tit Tit.

Phew.....!!!!!! You dunno how glad I was man.

Eh to continue the story now.. I'd carry the kid and go to the mic and say "Oi who lost a child? Come and take him back!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tell me what you think

During wedding in a grand ballroom. Seated 30 tables of guests with 1 emcee and the bride and groom on stage. The emcee asked "why did you chose her to be your wife". And the groom answered very fast...

"because I have no choice" and laughed.

Tell me if you're the bride, what will you say. How would you react in front of nearly 300 ppl. Just tell me what you think about it.

p/s: the bride is not pregnant.

My Boys

Everyday you can see this...



And when you say "oi.... not too near ah..." guess what will happen..

He will cry like I smacked him.

I don't know why when I put them on the sofa.. then as i turn my back they're right in front of the tv again. And that day Justin fell from the tv rack, neh he likes to hold the tv, sway his body like pole dancing on the tv and Kaboom! UWAAAAAA! Then he need ppl to hug and kiss kiss him and then you turn around, he's there again. And you know what? These pictures were taken right after that incident. Scared? Nope.. not my boys.

Monday, October 26, 2009

How to choose a good pair of shoes

We're at Subang Parade's Bata last Saturday and C came walking towards me,trying not to laugh out loud. He told me...

that man in red..Just now he was here checking out this shoe. Then he told his mom.. This shoe is good. The mother asked why.. and he said..

Because.... *turn to the shoe's sole* this shoe when step on shit, the shit won't stick"

When I heard about the shit part, I really wanna laugh out loud but I didn't.

And of course I checked him out  and I saw him going around the shop and kept showing his mom the shoe sole.

hehe When I buy shoes next time, I'll definifely remember what he say.  And I hope I won't laugh out loud.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Her Own Law lor..

The rule in a bakery:You go in. Take the tray and the bread clamp. Choose what you wanna buy. And queue up, pay and get lost. Right?

I always thought that's the law. But I was so wrong.

This morning after class, Jayden and I was at the tiny bakery in Centrepoint. So we got in, took the tray and the clamp and chose what we wanted. The lady before us was with her son and was also choosing. So they're choosing between left bread and right bread that looked perfectly similar to me, I moved on and went to queue. Takkan I stand there and wait for her to choose which bread she wanted right?

Then someone tapped my shoulder.

"I was before you" she said.

It was the "confused" lady just now.

And I went "huh?".

She walked straight to the counter, passed another lady before me and stood there with her tray.

The man behind me looked so confused 'cos he came in before her! If she said she come in before me then she got the right to go before me, then he should go in front of her, right? Wrong according to her.

So we all just stood and looked at the lady paying for her food. And at the counter, she went undecisive again. Don't know wanna pay for only ONE curry puff or TWO. 

I felt like saying "niamah, just freaking pay for the god damn karipap and leave la. It's just between paying extra rm1.20 only what". But of course  I didn't. We're educated people ma. Not like some people. Say in the heart nehmind.. cos no need to pay money wan :P

Finally she made up her mind and bought 2 karipaps. I hope she enjoy her karipap and doesn't choke on it. I know, I am damn evil.

So it doesn't matter, who came before her, she only know who came right after her and she got the right to move on to any spot at the queue. Who's law? Her own law lor...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Those were the days..

As I was arranging my tables in Cafe World, I noticed something.

Noticed that 2 seats and a table near the cook place?

It reminds me of the table we had during our Valentines Day few years ago (before we have Jayden). We went for Yuen Steamboat in Sunway and of course many ppl went there since it's valentines Day, it was packed. The boss told us " only one table left. You want?"

And yeah we got the table right in front of the counter. Imagine the ppl walking up and down looking at us cramped at the small table with the big steamboat pot and the prawn shells.

But we didn't mind. We had each other. Giggle giggle sucking prawn shell, you feed me. I feed you. Giggle samo. Nevermind wan.. Cos soooooooooooooo in love ma.

Eat air , drink water also full edi. Right?


You cook dishes with special lychee.. ppl will ask "this lychee Fresh or canned?"

Those were the days la.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yes, I'm very free wan....

Few years ago when I first got married, I asked my friend who was a SAHM " What do you actually do at home?" And she replied me " I do nothing". And now, I wish to slap myself for asking that question. 


For the past week, I have been getting msgs in my Facebook.

Are you a housewife?

Are you working?

I wanted to answer them. although i am not a housewife, but then doesn't mean that housewives are very "free". Right SAHMS?

Just because I posted picture of my sewings. Normally I'll sew on weekends. I do my own hobby on weekend also considered I am "very free" ?

Yesterday I posted picture of my kids. Normally I'll snap picture of my kids on weekends too. I take my kids picture on weekend also considered I'm "very free"? 

Today I posted my cooking picture. Normally I cook almost everyday. (do i have a choice?)

Pork with marmite sauce + Lychee + Green Capsicum

Wait till they see my vege pics. REAL VEGE and not Farm Town vege. I bet they say I'm siu lai lai, shake leg at home. 

When I told them I work at home, they say "Wah your work must be very free and easy". They don't know I sit here from 8.30 am till 8.30 pm. "Come come.. *pat chair* have a seat la" I wish to tell them.

No one will know the planning you need to do to make everything go in place. Just like yesterday after picking Jayden up from sch, I dropped by to the market that is half way closing to buy some vege, and drop by the pork shop to buy some pork and drive further down to buy a can of lychee. Then drove to the petrol station to do some banking and then to the post office to send something. Back home, chop chop, marinade, and eat lunch while looking at the screen. Then about 6 pm, went down Piling-Palang cooked the dishes and bathed and then only can spend some time to look at the tv and my kids.

And then hor.. some people will think that you're doing nothing in front of the pc/mac wan you know....... They thought all you do is play games. I gotto sit here and design, and when I'm out of idea I do my own things:
  • Surf Websites to check out the designs
  • Edit My Pictures- neh the one I took on weekends. Oh yeah I need to shoot my products too and crop it out. 
  • Go downstairs and cook something
  • Walk over to give my kiddos a hug and kiss

They think designing  is so damn easy wan. Sit there and *TING* the ideas come pouring in.

And the endless projects that comes in every damn day.... *sigh* and that tiny pay you get cos you sacrificed to work at home so you can monitor the maid and kids. And you wanna buy one damn phone also you gotto think 100X times cos your pay is so damn little but you cannot stop working wor. Gotto have some own savings right? Who knows what is going to happen in the future? (err for me only la....ok?)


Who knows??? you tell me...who knows... and when you wanna go out jalan jalan you don't even have a nice baju to wear, all is old old clothes.(sampai i don't even know what baju to wear if i die???) You cannot even go shop while no one bising at the back asking you to "hurry up" " Why so long wan???? the kids cry edi la!!!"

Okay.... off side abit i know. hahahahhaah damn!  Too damn frust edi.

So I think next time if people asked me "wah you so free wan ah.." maybe I should just say " yeah I am damn free wan. Whole day I sit here and shake leg :)" eh  they could be saying that I can juggle my work and own leisure very well also hor?

Anyway.. I can only thank god I'm hyperactive to keep up with everything. Otherwise, I'll go cuckoo edi. 

p/s: And yes thank god got online shop now.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Silent Treatment

It's a challenge for me to deal with work at home and also with a 3 yr old boy that like to cry for every reason and sometimes for no reason at all.

He can cry and scream for hours, very loudly too.

Whack, done.

Scold, done.

Talk, done.

And now, Ignore.

So far so good I can say.

Last 2 Days, he woke up crying for no reason...

JD: mami.. uwaaaaaa Mumble Mumble Mumble Uwaaaaaa
Me: I cannot hear what you're saying. So you sit here, and you cry la. Just cry until you think you had enough and you want to stop, then only you talk to me okay?
JD: *nod and really sat down and cried!*
5 mins later...
JD: Mami.. i finished crying edi mami...
Me: Okay so tell me what you want.
JD: I want Kup Kup (Coke)
Me: No Coke.
JD: How about Ribena?
Me: Okay. Go ask Ning to make for you

You see? Want to drink Coke/ Ribena also cry for no reason.

Yesterday he cried again for dunno what reason and he kept screaming and screaming:
Me: You go out from my room. I don't like to hear ppl cry for no reason. *locked him out of my working room*
JD: *crying and banging on door then after 10 mins he stopped. He came in Via his room's toilet which is joint to my working room and peeped at the door*
JD: *climbed on my chair* mami. mamii... *tap shoulder* I finished crying edi......
Me: *Ignored him*
JD: *went out*

20 mins later...
JD: *show pinky* mami.. my finger got boo boo..
Me: *ignored*
JD: mami got skin coming out...
Me: *ignore*

10 mins later...
JD: mami...*climb behind my seat*
Me: *ignore*
JD: You (i) Massage you..mami.. *massage shoulder*

10 Mins later...
JD: mami.. You ( I ) finished crying edi... Please hold your (my) hand? You "friend" me okay?
Me: Okay.. You don't cry and shout like just now anymore okay? *typing in gtalk with hubby and telling him what is happening at home and I laughed*
JD: what is so funny mami?
Me: err nothing nothing.

At night during dinner...
JD: *Screamed*
Me: *stare*
JD: mami.. please hold your (my) hand. Please "friend" me okay? I miss you mami....*kissed my lips* I miss you mami........

So, the conclusion is. Silent treatment can work for small boys also but for how long leh?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A tutu for myself

I was in the mood to sew last weekend. So I snipped and sew this:


Well, doesn't look much like a tutu. More of a can-can if you ask me. But its reversible pink and purple. Eh, I have always wanted this as a kid but I never got one. I used plastic bags to make my own tutu :P And I had this Barbie Doll I think its called Rapunzel or something la with the gown that can flip reverse it and it became another outfit. Fuuuwah Damn cool man....I wonder what happened to poor barbie doll. Anyway......

And then I had some left overs so I thought hey why not sew one for myself?? And I did!


I put on my tutu and took a picture of myself wearing it. Wanna see? Don't laugh hor?

Nice or not jek?

Monday, October 12, 2009


I was browsing through my facebook the other day and saw Julian posted some funny videos so I decided to have a look at it while waiting for my design to load.

I laughed when I saw the innocent grandma's facial expression while her naughty grandson played a trick on her , teaching her english but he was actually teaching her how to swear.

So as I was watching and laughing away, Jayden bounced into my working room and heard the woman said "mudderfarker!".

Of course, I didn't manage to close it fast enought and Jayden said MAMABUMPKER!!!!!!

Aiyohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was hoping that he will forget about it.

Mana tau yesterday morning he woke up and said MAMABUMPKER!!!

*sigh* no way I can get it out from him cos.... he is always checking on his train's bumper and and asking me to touch-up and colour the bumpers black with the marker.

geddit? mamaBUMPKER... BUMPER??it rhymes.. so no way he can ever forget mamabumpker.

Your Cholesterol is Nice

I prepared this dish for mooncake festival the other day.

Coleslaw and potato salad.

Too much of carrots make yr coleslaw becomes orange. So anyway my niece told me "Mai-Mai.. your Cholesterol is nice" while she was happily eating.

I said "what Cholesterol?"

"Neh the one u make ah.. this one.." she said while pointing to the coleslaw.

"U mean my Coleslaw????"

"Oh *smile sheepishly* yeah yeah coleslaw! hehe" she said.

And I thought how come she said my Cholesterol is nice.*Pengsan* I thought she said that I'm fat!

This bring me back to the time when I went for my driving exam in Shah Alam. While I was walking towards my car for the parking test, the 2 officers yelled "Ah Moi.. Parking lot no2 ok? ... Ah Moi.. U Manyak Kolesterol la!".

Wtf... i didn't say anything and completed my exam. Anyway I was about 57-58kgs?? kgs (and i am 5ft 1in) that time so I was chubby and of course my arse was big like hell. That's why they said I have manyak kolesterol.

So when she said that cholesterol is nice.. I really thought she said that I'm fat!

Phew! Rupa-rupanya coleslaw..

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have been wondering how come Jayden's been calling me SHORTIE for quite some time. I thought he learnt it from tele. You know the typical @frican @merican show, the guys love to call the gf --> shortie. I thought that my son is so "hip hop" until that day he came and told me :

Jayden: Mami Mami! I am Mowgli! (cos the kiddo in the jungle book wore yellow red pants like his underwear!)

Me: Haha You're Mowgli then what about me?

Jayden : You're SHORTIE!

Me: Not shortie la! SHANNNNNNTI.

Jayden: Shortie! *laugh and run away*

Now i know why I'm called SHORTIE. He meant Shanti!


So I asked mowgli to pose for me and this is my fav among the 3 pics we have (2 more in J'snook):

Dun play play... can pose Mowgli style for me.