Friday, July 31, 2009

Letting Go

Oh my little one is such a big boy now. At 10 months he's starting to let go...

Standing on his own.
Cruising everywhere.
In and out from living to dining to kicthen.
Up and down the stairs *bite finger nails*
In and out of rooms.
and also giving me the look "are you kidding?" when I try to breastfeed him. He will gently bite it and laugh out loud. So finally, I stopped bfding *yay can go buy nice bras :P*

Although he's letting go of the tree doesn't mean that he's letting go off me. He's always sticking to me like this...cos he wanna walk together with me. Most of the time, his face will be behind me. Yeap right at my butt. *LOL* We call him the "Leech" Cos he's very fast. Whenever you walk pass him, he wil grab your pants/leg and cling onto you just like a leech.


Carry me!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Got An Angry Kid?

Something funny happened the other night. I was struggling to sleep and when I finally did managed to doze off, I heard Jayden crying from his own room. So I went over and slept with him. He slept for a while and when I finally wanted to go back to sleep, he started kicking my back and cried for no reason. I wanted to turn around and smack him hard, but I told myself in my sleep "Never mind and he will stop". And he really did.

Why did I say that its funny? It's because I am actually practising something, which I once said IT'S RIDICULOUS AND IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. When Jayden stopped fussing, I said "Oh my god... I am actually practising it and it works!" So I continued reading the book "Got An Angry Kid" from Parents Reviewers giveaway and everything after that day makes more sense and believable.

The 28 goals mentioned in this book may seem too hard to achieve especially the first 2 goals. No shouting and no showing of anger. Tell me how many parent of a 3 yr old can do it? But as you read on, you will know that you CAN actually do it.  I actually stop shouting or scolding Jayden for few days now. Do you know how big is that achievement for me? *lol*

Just remember the action-reaction theory. You smile at people, people will smile back at you. Same thing applies for shouting and showing anger. I know it's really hard not to shout and be angry at the things they do. So you will need to look at point no3. Distract yourself. Haha I can go on and on you know about this book. But I am not going to because it'll be too long for you guys to read.

Of course Jayden is not an angry kid. In fact he is a very cheerful and bubbly kid that likes to laugh and giggle all the time. But I won't deny that he has a very bad temper and sometimes he gets out of control. Shouting, scolding and smacking him seems to be so easy. I can do that anytime but life is short, I don't want to waste my time shouting and being angry with him. So I am working on it now by changing myself because I feel that if we need to change them, first we need to change ourselves.After all, we're the parents and oftentimes they are following and learning what we do indirectly. 

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MooMoo Pancake

I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't die in front of my MAC YET while clicking my mouse to harvest and plant seeds. Haha

I have been waking up early to prepare breakfast for Big C. He's been suffering from Asthma attacks,so gotto jaga jaga his food for him. By the way, any tips of what food to avoid and what to eat to cure Asthma? Please share. Thanks!

I bought a pancake/egg pan from stuffzforeveryone. I thought I wanna make some egg/pancake with moomoo shape for Jayden. Experimented a few times and finally this round the moo moo look like a ... well moomoo. Haha

Added strawberry and some bananas on it. Big C said "Wuah nice and he folded the pancake and wrapped the fruits and NGAP! one kali all gone. Very fast. The other day he ate it with honey.

Today someone else tried my pancake.

Luckily I managed to snap a pic before he eat it. :P

Thursday, July 23, 2009


You know you're an addict when:

  • you're in Ikano and all you think is about your grapes in Farm Town.

  • when you see a handphone seller playing with farm town and you so wanted to walk over and ask him "Hallo kor kor chai....can pinjam me your pc so I can harvest my grapes ah?"

  • you get upset cos your grapes died. You didn't go home fast enough to harvest your grapes.

  • when all you think about in the meeting room is "afterwards who should I hire to harvest my watermelons and cabbage leh. Will it die before I reach home?"

  • And you seriously know it when your husband comes home and ask you "So what did you harvest today?"


P/s to Big C: Thanks for being such a nice and understanding hub, here's something for you. Heart Shaped Raspberry Field.  See I stand there to snap a picture for you samo. You likey?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chik Chiak Chik Chiak


My most fav shot:
You know why?

It's so hard to get a pic of him from the front and smiling.
Good to see him smile and enjoyed himself.
Maybe he had too much 100Plus or maybe he saw what he wanted to see.


Yeah he wanted to see a cow. Been waking me up a few times in the middle of the night:

Jayden: mami Mami can you please bring me go see cow?

Me: uh? okok .. when we wake up first okay?

Jayden: Okay .. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Guess what he say now?

Jayden: Mami Mami Can we go to the zoo?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Go Makan BellyGood

Its been a while since I have posted about the places we went for makan-makan session. In fact we hardly go anywhere fancy or nice since the arrival of Justin and worst after the maid. Why eh? Cos it's pretty hard to have a nice decent meal with 2 kiddos constantly standing up on the baby chair. All you want to do is get stuffed, burp and go home. So last Saturday I told Big C, I think we should go for a nice dinner in this place called Bellygood. Seen a few reviews about it and since I have a coupon to get another dish for free, why not eh?

Parking is a problem here cos there are a few steamboat houses around this area so be prepared to walk abit!

We ordered the Mixed platter @ Rm23.90

and also the pulled pork burger @ rm12.90

and we got this for FREE - Grilled Herb Chicken

Not bad eh?

The kids already had their dinner at home. So we ordered only 3 dishes but the kids had their share too. Jayden only wants 100plus and fries and Justin eat just about anything and everything! he is like THE eating machine!

I enjoyed it too.It was one of the ribs that Justin didn't hijacked.

So how was it? The mix platter ribs was very soft and juicy. The chicken taste good but I'll forgo the pork burger. I find it smells funny but Big C said its okay.

The pics sucks, I know. Cos I used my Olympus digital camera instead of my dslr. But then if I were to use my dslr, no way I can eat properly and take pic at the same time. So its either pic-that-sucks or no picture.

So how did we get the free dish? I got it from the advert booklets that I normally throw away. Luckily I flipped and saw the coupon. Hehe They said that photostated coupons are accepted too. Maybe printed coupon from blog can be used too? Try and see? Maybe can?

With this coupon, the bill was Rm55.55 ngam ngam including GoV tax of 10% and Service charge. Imagine If we don't have the coupon... it could be *tit tit press calculator* no idea how much.

While I was getting out from the place, I noticed that there was a message written on the board about 48 hours early reservation entitle you to *something something* Don't know what la. Already eaten still wanna see meh! But for you guys that wanna go to this shop, better make reservation. Who knows you will get free desserts? You can even check the price (budget budget your meal) and also the map here.

Monday, July 13, 2009


My Jayden likes to talk like this:

Eat. Don't want.

Sleep. Don't want.

Do This. Don't want.

Do That. Don't want.

We always try and correct him. He will say it correctly after we have corrected him but then he'll start all over again.

So that day I went to "Tidak Halal" section in Tesco...

Cashier: Tesco card maam?

Me: Tesco card........ Don't have.

Cashier: O_o

Me: Oh don't have card.. haha sorry

She was expecting me to pass her the card when I said "Tesco card". Then I ended it with Don't have. Haha like I did it on purpose to kacau her. I walked out and I wanted to laugh cos I am trying to correct Jayden but I ended up speaking like him. You get what I mean? haha


Last night in my dad's house:

Me: Jayden, later I want you to sit down and eat your dinner properly okay? Do you understand or not?

Jayden: Understand.....don't want.

Me: O_o *char dou*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where's Your Tongue baby?

We're in Ikano that day and suddenly Jayden said he wanted to "bomb the toilet". So I stayed at the waiting area with Justin and he was sitting on the stroller facing a big mirror. Behind us was an Indian Lady Jaga , taking her nap (how typical in Msia right?). She woke up and she started to laugh and showed her tongue to the mirror too. So I looked into the mirror and saw Justin was teasing the Indian lady by showing his tongue. Then he turned around , laughed out loud and showed his tongue some more. Aiyoh, ini anak very social and very mischievous! Stranger also can kacau.

Yeah, this happened cos we just taught him the word TONGUE not long ago.

And.......this Lil cheeky fella is 10 months old today! Happy 10 Months old babe. In another 2 months time we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday. Time flies eh?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Penguin Smiled at me

Just now I wanted to laugh out REALLY loud in the car cos a “PENGUIN” smiled at me. Who is a Penguin?

Scenario in the car:

Me: Jayden: you better sit down or else _________ will catch you and put you in jail!
Jayden: Oh It’s Penguin! Jail ……..don’t want.

I said that before we did a U-Turn in Tmn Megah and true enough a “PENGUIN” was trying to hide himself by sticking to the wall. And he smiled at me cos I gave him a “I KNOW YOU’RE HIDING THERE!” smile. He was wearing all black attire. Guess he was the higher authority with many kuncus around. Don't know why. they're there every other day and yet people can get caught using handphones and not using seatbelts. :S

And Jayden said “Oh so many PENGUINS!”

Kesian, even a 3 year old think that they look like Penguins with the black and white uniform with big belly.

Smell + Delicious = ?

Was at Sis-in-law's place last sat for dinner. We had steamboat. Bro-in-law opened the pot cover ..

Me: Wow! Smells good!

Jayden: Come, let me smell first.

Bro-in-law moved away to make way for Jayden to be closer.

Jayden: *sniff sniff sniff* Smell……… Smell…….. Smellicious!

Bro-in-law: Hahaha Smellicious!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nice Or Not?

Jayden showed me this that day...

Ahhhhhhhhh. I quickly took his Thomas away and saw this...


Uwaaaa!!!! Koyak!

This was a pressie from my ex-boss. Although the lipstick cannot be used anymore (cos its many years ago), but I kept it for memory sake. Unfortunately, my son dug my drawer and found it. So I shooo-ed him away and he ran out. Not long after that, I heard my hub saying "Aiyoh, faster go show mami". When you hear this sentence, it's up to no good. I went and saw his face and I totally forgot to scold him. I was laughing and I asked him "Jayden? Why did you play with my lipstick like this???" he just smiled and said :

Pengsan big time! I think he saw me putting my lipstick the other day and he tried to follow me. (but i never apply on top of the lips eh?) So I said, " come! Let me wipe it away." And he quickly smear it like this


and ran away!

Adoi! I must jaga jaga now when I apply my make up. The other day he saw me painting my toe nails and he said ...

Jayden: Mami colour for you (me) please?
Me: You want ar? err go ask dadidi okay?
Jayden: Dadi Can I(you) colour for you (me) please??????????
Dadi: err....*think think think* You got kukubird or not? If you have kukubird, you cannot paint nails wan.
Jayden: Oh....*walk away and played with his trains*

Maybe I should remind him that kukubirds cannot play with lipstick eh?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

His many first time in a day

Justin: poh poh....
Me: Ma, he's calling you la.
Mum: YA MEH? *disbelief*
Me: Yeahlah.. You didn't hear him call you?
Mum: No ak.
Me: *sigh*
.........few minutes later
Justin: POH POH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mum: OIIII!!!!!!! * smile from ear to ear*

and that was his first time calling poh poh.


It was his first time, drinking from straw. It was our first attempt. Jayden's first time drinking from straw was when he was 11 months 12 days old.

It was also his first time, crawling up the stairs from ground floor to first floor all by himself. Normally he would crawl abit then cry and ask me to carry him.

2 days before that, he learnt how to get down from the steps.


He did the "fish" action using his hands. Probably he saw Jayden doing it in his Gymnastic class. Last night, he did it and we're surprised. So I flipped out my handphone and asked him to do it again. When you're recording, he won't do it. Once you stop recording, he's doing ot non stop. So here's a video of my voice, keep asking him to do it and he's looking left and right, and suddenly Jayden came and asked me to do CRAB action pulak. hahaha but he tried to do it twice, but very very short time only. Shy being recorded? I have no idea.

Ha... this guy is growing pretty fast. So scarry yet so happy. I must be crazy. Or maybe you can say I syiok sendiri...again!

Monday, July 06, 2009

What kind of mother is that?

I was at the market thing morning having my breakfast with my mom, kids (yeah Jayden skipped sch . hehe actually the mother is so lazy to send him to sch cos he woke up late) and my maid.

Justin was with my mum, she took him to buy some veges. My maid was having her breakfast, while I was digging for money to pay the Chicken rice fella. Jayden? he was running around around us and he sat on the floor. He must be playing ring-around-the-rosie maybe and he did the all fall down part. Of course it was dirty but kids (or I can say JAYDEN only) doesn't get it how come he can do it at home and not in the market. Immediately I said "Jayden, get up!" with a very calm voice.

Then later I overheard the Kueh Teow woman laughing LOUDLY saying "Aiyoh already sat down on the floor, then what can she do?".

Then the kueh teow woman came and told Jayden "The floor very dirty o.. don't sit on the floor next time ah..." Then she mumbled something "Aiyah I told her he already sat on the floor mah.. what can you do, right?" I didn't get what she said so I said "meh si ah?" (what happened?) "Neh that ricken rice couple la.. said what kind of mother is that (talking about me). They said you let your son sit on the floor although its dirty. And never scold or whack him."

I just said "Oh........." and continued to eat my breakfast.

Then Jayden said he wanted to poo. So I started to dig for 20cents so that my maid can bring him to the toilet. I think he couldn't hold his poo so he started to run! I shouted "NING! Catch Jayden!" and then only my princess maid started running after Jayden and brought him to the toilet.

The couple then ngingingamngam again. And I looked at the kueh teow woman and she said " they say don't hit your son wan hor?"

I just smiled and said "you want to see me hit my son ka?"

While I was driving back just now, I thought to myself.
Hit= wrong
Don't hit= wrong + give too much face to the kid
Scold loud = malu + wrong
Don't scold = wrong + give too much face to the kid
Scold soft soft= wrong ( to those people that cannot hear properly)
Reason= also wrong ( so small where can understand wan? Whack only!)

So what to do?

la la la.....whatever la.People just like to talk, can't stop them right?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Major Eruption!

Off track note:
Been busy the entire last week and this week. Been rushing work for this weekend's PetShow In Midvalley. Stupid agency + undecisive boss + Cranky kids = No sleep nights + Pangsai also no time.Oh yeah.. I was too busy until I forgot my ROM wedding anniversary.*slap forehead*

He looked like this the whole of last week.

Been doing this like forever...

It was Saturday that we discovered that Justin has got 3 new teeth (MINIMUM) sprouting out. Its the tarings/lateral incisors erupting. But the fever didn't come UNTIL my mum mentioned on Sunday " Oh sang gar ah? Mou fatt siu meh? (teething ah? No fever meh?) *sigh* Itellyiu, very pantang. Immediately fever. No joke.

So these few days while rushing my work, I gotto check on him. (can't depend on maid cos she won't tell me immediately) Fed him paracatamol every 4 hours. But he was still cranky and grumpy. Today he started to sweat. I hope he gets better.

Anyway, he's getting very cheeky nowadays. When U show him the camera, he'd do this.
At first I thought that it was the light from my camera that made him close his eyes like that.

Then I noticed whenever I flip my camera and called his name, he'd do it again. So I know, he's just being funny.

He's crawling everywhere, cruising on whatever he can hold on to. Yeah he can climb up his Korkor's bed. he can even climb up the staircase (with me around!)

I can summarize that this lil fler is going to be .....*Jeng Jeng Jeng*


But nevertheless, I love him so much. I love the way he calls out to ppl:
his dadi : Da Da or DAH! DI!
his kor kor : TOR TOR
Or ChaCha my dog : YAH YAH!
Or me: AHMAHHH or last night we was crying clinging onto my working chair and called out MAHMI!!!
Fan: TAR *STAR* I know, salah edi but still.... haha

He scream all the time for fun. And Jayden will join him. So you can imagine how "lively" my house is.

And now he likes to bite me softly while I am nursing him and give me a very loud EVIL LAUGH. He can do it over and over again. Boy.. this boy is really super duper cheeky. I better get myself some hair tonic to make my hair grow more before he make me pull my hair more and loose all my hair now.

Big C managed to snap this pic during his bday dinner last week.

Okay gotto get back to work. *sigh*