Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Chair Incident

25th July 2006, 3 a.m.

Jayden : Uwaa Uwaa Uwaa (Hungry)
Mr. Chan : Okay! Okay! Papa coming! (Jumped off the bed, trying to balance his body, runs to the kitchen and prepared milk)
Mrs. Chan : … (Woke Up)
Mr. Chan : It’s okay babe. I can do it. You go to sleep la.
Mrs. Chan : … okay la. Thanks babe. (Zzzzzz)

A moment of silence. Suddenly… PRAK!

Mrs. Chan : What happened???
Mr. Chan : Nothing…Nothing…
Jayden : Uwaa Uwaa (Why you remove the nen nen from my mouth)
Mrs. Chan : What’s that loud noise just now.
Mr. Chan : errr…. *Shy* (point at the chair)

Mrs. Chan : Oh no! …(Wondering how he did it)
Mrs. Chan : It’s okay babe. I’ll get you another chair. (Runs to the kitchen)
Mr. Chan : (Continue to feed Jayden)
Mr. & Mrs. Chan : Hahahahahahahaha (looking at the chair)

Mr. & Mrs. Chan and Jayden are wide-awake now.

Everyone then watched Snooker, Astro channel 82 at 3 a.m. in the morning…

You must be thinking that my hubby is damn fat till he brake the chair…

It’s not his fault.

The chair is abit broken..I used it for bathing during my confinement last time…

Bye Bye Chair...

Friday, July 21, 2006

My son is famous!

Received our company's quarterly newsletter and guess what? My son got featured!

Among all the babies that got featured..my son is the only chinese and the lightest among all ..but check out the pic..he look the biggest.

Sorry la...bad picture. Taken using my Nokia 6111.It's like dat wan la....

Bandaraya Yang Canggih

Yay! PJ telah diistiharkan sebagai Bandaraya PJ.
Bagaimana nak menyambut kejayaan tersebut ye?

Dengan roundabout yang canggih la..

Lampu-lampu flourescent disambungkan dan dijadikan replika kromosom yang besar..

Wow...Bandaraya PJ.

Friday but not so free...


It's Friday. But I'm not gonna be so free reading blogs or writting today. Why? Cos I received this email yesterday:

And I thought I have lots of time to do it. This week? And my boss just sent it to me yesterday [Thursday]. "By this week please" means today la...


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beh tahan…

You know sometimes, you’re out there and suddenly something just pass right in front of you and you can’t stop staring at it. Not admiring the view…but find it yucky and irritating. Yet, you wanna stare at it…I wonder why…

1. Dented padded bra.
Really beh-tahan those ppl who wear padded bra and don’t know how to take good care of it. [Sorry, used to be in lingerie industry, so very sensitive about everything connected to lingerie]. Dented bra looks like u have stuffed tissue paper into your bra just to make it look bigger. Esp those EXTRA THICK padding. Wah lau…look damn fake. It’s not wrong to have small breast and it’s not wrong to wear padding bra. But take care good care of it la…

2. Big breast and nipples showing.
Okay, so you have big breast. So you have no choice to wear the non-padded bra. But don’t go and wear the extra thin one la… until your nipples can show when its cold. I don’t know about the guys..But I find it to be fugly.

3. Wrong Bra Size.
Some too big but wears small bra. You looked like you have 4 breasts.
Some too small but wears big bra. When you lean forward, can see everything. So rahsia terbongkar...Oppsss!

4. Ugly Pregnant clothes
I don’t know why..But I think a woman looks best:

- on her wedding day
- when she’s pregnant
- Looks good while carrying her baby. (that’s my plan!)

I know many women out there thinks that its not worth it to spend money on maternity clothes since you’re gonna wear it like for few months only. But I believe that beautiful preggie mommies will be happier and will produce happier babies. :)

And stay away from fugly hand-me-down maternity clothes. Some of the maternity clothes I saw are really OLD. How do I know its old? Well, the buttons start to come off, the colours’ off, the seams are off, some looks like curtain, some looks like table cloth…ugly ugly ugly

Why not just spend like RM300 and get some decent, nice and affordable maternity wear. That RM300 is not gonna help much when the baby comes anyway…

5. Chunky heels.
Hey, spice girls boh liao la. It’s off-season already. But u can still see those creature wearing the chunky heels. I always see them at pasar malam..and I repeatedly told my hubby… "you know if you’re travelling and you want to straighten your clothes..no need to iron, just place the heels on the shirt and leave it for ½ hour. "

Too bad I don’t have pictures to show. But I will try my best to snap some and post it up. Hahahaha

Friday, July 14, 2006


That's me..reading blogs again...

Can u feel the boredom from the back view?

i Can...
(picture: courtesy from my colik who's sitting behind me)

Pasar Malam

It's been so long since I went to SS2 Monday's pasar malam. Suddenly the Chan Family got the itch to go...so lets go.

Jayden managed to stay awake until we reached SS2. Round and round...shit. No parking. Finally gotto pay RM4.50. Went for dinner in Wai Sek Kai..msg ..msg and more msg..
Look at him...he can't wait..

But then when we wanted to start jalan...

Nevermind...there'll always be another Monday..

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stupid Managers

Miss x : Your son so cute
Sasha : Thanks.
Miss x : I'm going to work in XXX already soon. You know about that company?
Sasha : Yeah. They offered me to be their 1st batch of mkting ppl. Cheryl is the GM. She's the one that
interviewed me last time.
Miss x : What else u know about the company?
Sasha : U never ask her? didn't she interview u?
Miss x : its a multinational company.
Sasha : yup.small multinational company.
Miss x : what position they offer to u last time?
Sasha : Exec. I know they're looking for manager..so they offer u manager la? i think the previous manager
lasted for about a year only.
Miss x : Manager.
Sasha : o manager.
Sasha : enjoy...
Miss x : u mean mkting only got 2 ppl?
Sasha : Ya. you dunno meh? u dunno about the history? why u never ask during yr interview?
Miss x : oh. now i remember. last time u told me u got offered to work in beauty company. but never take cos
u dun really like.
Sasha : i didn't take it cos they interviewed me and want to take me in the next day. they want immediate answer.
Miss x : at least they dun owe staff EPF.
Sasha : all company DON'T owe staff EPF. Only fucked up company owe people EPF.
Miss x : maybe...
Sasha : What maybe. IT'S MEMANG THE LAW.

Sometimes i wonder...what is wrong with the ppl that hire these craps. Miss x is my ex-colleague when we worked in a slimming & beauty company. With the title "Marketing Executive" her duty is to cut and file all the adverts about slimming and beauty promotion for reference. Besides that, her duty is to key-in new customer database in the excel sheet and generate birthday cards to the members on thier bday. TAT'S ALL.

I left that crappy place in 1 month time cos it's so damn boring although the pay is good. She then followed my footstep and landed in another company..and another and now another. I always get msn msgs with the questions like:

  • can u give me creative agency contact?
  • which one is cheapest?
  • how to do advertisement?
  • what is colour proof?
  • have to do proposal before advertise?
  • huh? what concept?
  • u have contact for photographer?
  • u have contact for make up artist?
  • where to find models?
  • how to do photoshooting? Have to do photoshoot schedule? how to do?

I really wonder how companies hire ppl like her to do marketing when she know nuts about everything in mkting besides cutting and pasting adverts in a file. All she knows is that the company is MNC and don't owe staff EPF.

Now I know why some companies have stupid managers...cos HR looks at the damn expressive resume (which most of us know...there's many to copy and paste from the internet) and the "years of experience". How about the "real" experience and knowledge about marketing?

hmmmm felt like calling the GM and tell her about Miss x...hmmm probably i'll just leave it.

*wave* good luck small multinational company that don't owe staff EPF...you've found the right candidate!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pre and Post Natal Weight

…. 111, 112, 113, 114. Today marks my 114th day after I gave birth. In my previous post in frenster, I did mentioned that everyone says that you will only start to shed your postnatal weight after your 100th day after delivery. True enough, in these 14 days, I have lost about 2.5 kgs.

I have received a somehow rather nasty message in my frenster… it was from my long lost secondary school mate. Guess what she wrote: You looked like you’ve gained a lot of weight compared to your high school days. Knowing her attitude which is full of jealousy and sarcasticm, I know the message was full with "evilness".

Pissed with her remark..this is how I have replied : Really? I remember that I used to be 62kgs when I was in secondary and now I weight 58kgs after giving birth. Oh ya..you haven’t seen me for about ..errr 8 years? Have a look at my pictures after secondary life here --> (I gave her a link to my skinny old days pictures and specially linked her to my bikini honeymoon picture in Bali).

She never replied. Waited a few days later. Still no reply.

Still pissed and wanted to make her even more pissed…I left her a message in her frenster (by the way, she didn’t even post any picture in her page..i wonder why ..hahaha) My message goes like this : Hey, XXX why never post any picture in your page? Post la..at least if I happens to see you outside..i can recognise you!

She never post any picture and no more messages from her ....ever..

I’m really looking forward to get back to my original weight before being pregnant…that’s about 5.5 more kgs. I CAN DO IT! I want to get back to my original weight because:

  1. I want to shut the auntie’s nasty comments of " why u still so fat?"
  2. I want to shut a cousin of mine who keep asking …"you never go to any slimming saloon meh?"
  3. I want to shut my department’s ICI DULUX WEATHERBOND (if you know what I mean..) secretary’s mouth..who keeps saying .. "Sasha..you gained a lot of weight huh? Dulu u sliiiiiim aje kan? Sekarang..*sengih sengih*…while eating non-stop like there’s no tomorrow…PIG!
  4. I want to bloody shut the biacth that sits near my work place that used to say that "i bluffed " cos i wore a corset?? Look, no corset. Shut up. BTW, ppl wear corset cos they want to have a better posture and some wear it to slim down. But what you care..just shut up-la! hahahaha
  5. I want to wear my super low waist jeans……I miss you Levi's…mummy’s coming!
  6. I want to be the Sexy Yummy Mummylicious for my Jayden Boy.. OK OK not for my Jayden Boy. For myself…awwww…hehehe

I’m so damn frust with my job…my proposal is still a powerpoint with many blank pages…all I do is reading people’s blog and here’s my latest amusement for myself..a graph of my pre and post weight.....

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Mom at 25 1/2.

I have recently found a long lost good friend through the very famous friendster. We began to chat in MSN and to my surprise, she actually complaint about not having enough time for herself when she’s not even a mother yet, stays with her in-laws (who does all the house work) and since she’s staying with her in-laws, the expenses shouldn’t be high too.

Registered on the same day, we have both leads a very different life other than being married at 24. To me, she’s still free and should be able to enjoy life more than me since now I’m already a mother of a 3 ½ months old baby boy.

Many people have indirectly asked me whether my pregnancy was an accident since I’m so young and "looked active". Even my sister was suspicious and wondered. And my answer would be, "Come and I tell you how to plan and get pregnant the first time you try" and they’ll buzz off. Why can’t I be a mother at 25? My ex-boss used to say that " Isn’t it too early for you to get pregnant at 25?". And my answer to him that really shut him off: "If I’m ready, why not? Then wait till when? 30? At least when I’m 50, my son is already 25. I can retire if I want to at 50".

Of course, being a mother at 25 means that :

  • No more night outings
  • No more clubbing(not that I really enjoyed it)
  • No more romantic outings alone with my hubby
  • You have to deal with the post natal depression – post natal weight, stretchmarks, bla bla bla
  • No more good sleep
  • No more rest
  • Comments from the older generations on how to raise your kid and the nasty comments about how you’ve not lost your postnatal weight yet (Auntie, what you expect? You think I can put a hose into my body and pump it out straight ka?)

With those reasons, I understand why women nowadays choose to give birth later. But I think its not about the age thinggy. It’s about how ready you are to go to another level. Of course I will have my ups and downs esp with the sleepless nights and no more rest…But when you’re alone with your baby and when he smiles at you...you’ll understand what is satisfaction and happiness.

Me and my Jayden Boy